Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busan: Halal Restaurant

Oke, here it is. I never tried any korean food yet.
But will do soon, somehow, somewhere.
Halal! that's what matter the most.
You may want to have a closer look (click to enlarge) for the Alternative Food List, which you can eat here in South Korea.

I came across to know about it in this page: Muslim Food Guide (Korean Food)
where you can find anything almost everything about halal food.
Very convenient, and it is just on your finger tips.
One click away... /

I will only then specific my search on to Busan, since am staying here at the moment. Basically, everyday I cook with my besties room mate, because it is more safer rather than to take outside food, which I'm in doubt especially the fast food restaurants like McDonalds or even KFC.
I am sure you know what I mean right?

In Busan, there is one mosque located at the Namsan-dong.
How to go there? I will post it later.
The details are as below:

Busan/Busan Masjid
Busan Masjid was the second masjid to open in Korea. It was built in 1980 with financial support from Ali Fellaq, the former minister of finance of Libya .
Address : 30-1, Namsan-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan
Tel : +82- 51- 518-9991

The Halal Restaurant I MUST try SOON!

Kebab House
The Kebab House is probably one of the few, if not the only Turkish restaurant in Busan. It features traditional Turkish cuisine such as kebabs and Turkish pizza. The owner and head chef are all Turks and the interior is decorated with beautiful carpets and fabrics brought in directly from Turkey.
051-515-5981 / 30-1 Geumjeong-gu Namsandong, Busan (next to the Busan Masjid)

You might wonder how did I get those meat or chicken and any other ingredients I used for cooking right? I usually bought it at Sasang, just one station away from Jurye, subway line # (I forgot the line number. But it is in green line). And if you take the subway station from Naeng-jeong, it will be 2 stations away. Just need to make sure you are on the right tracks.

Thinking and interested to set up Halal Restaurant in South Korea?
You can read the guide here: Malaysian Franchise Association.

See you again, with extra information :p

Source: Muslim Food Guide Book


Anonymous said...

well, you are right, you might doubt about the food whether it is halal or not but there is no other alternatives. since it is a non-muslim country surely they wont write a menu with a list of halal food, they wont classified it into halal and non hala so you should give it a shoot :).

Siti 사랑 MAj said...

life is about choices. and for that, there are options u may choose. if u choose for A, there's always a B. so i chose B :)
in another context, korean ppl aren't concern about halal or not halal because they never been educated with those esp about Islam; the food. if u go to this 1 restaurant, n they served pork as well as chicken and meat, they use the same bowl, glasses, plates, cups etc2, r u going to eat in that restaurant? i choose not to :) cz its the way i am. and i am particular about it. another thing is, majority are Christians and others are Buddhism. esp, busan-ianz, they are still localize. so, the conclusion is, life is about choices :)

yayabachok said...


Dear Siti

I am Syahriah. I am travelling to Busan from 25th Oct til 29th Oct.

I may need help travelling and finding halal foods in Busan. Can you elaborate where halal meat is bought in Sasang? I reckon i can identify Jurye. Really need help with the name of the muslim butcher in Sasang.

Could you please PM me @syahriahbachok@hotmail.com

Thank you



Anonymous said...

Dear Syariah,

Just additional information for people googling for Halal food in Busan. I came across Samarkand restaurant once you exit out from exit 10 in Busan Station. Walk around 200 meters from the station and you could find the restaurant. It is an azerbijan restaurant thus expect russian menu apart from kebab. The owner can speak afghan, arabic and korean.

Now i am in Ulsan and are having difficulty finding food here. But your alternative list is good. Perhaps i should try that. Alternatively i usually goes to Japanese restaurant and eats tempura.

martabakcoklat said...

im in busan right now. thanks for the info. i miss nasi putihhh T___T